Fashion, Passion & Chronic Pain with Eva Louis

I interviewed Eva Louis about her journey into Engineering, Information Technology, and then Film & Fashion. Eva also discusses her journey into religious studies, family, chronic pain, and much more.


Global Suffering & Polarity with Onyxe Antara

From polarity to gong baths, Onyxe invites us to use polarity and other ancient sciences to end global suffering.

Watch My Amazing Cousin on Video

My amazing cousin, Jamie Clark, was on EXPLORING THE HUMAN JOURNEY. Jamie is a gifted Psychic Medium and has...

Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, & Emojis with Marty Amos

I interviewed Marty Amos about her journey to wearing three (3) Mental Health Practitioner hats, authenticity, substance abuse, and more including the politics of spirituality in mental health systems. She shares her insights on her work with children, domestic violence, anger management, and much more. Marty talks about her own business in Grand Junction, Colorado, and … Continue reading Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, & Emojis with Marty Amos

My Interview on “Exploring the Human Journey” Show

In this full episode, I talk with (and analyze the handwriting of) David Marsh of Exploring the Human Journey Show. We talk about all types of things – personal and professional – including repetitive trauma, adoption glamorizing, death & dying, feminine & masculine energy of the world, living in a haunted hotel, photography and more that you will NOT want to miss.

Indigo Children, Crystals, and Soul with Evfa Cerises

I interviewed Evfa Cerises about crystals versus raw rocks, power animal retrieval, and much more. Evfa also shares her thoughts on Dark Circles, indigo children, aura colors, and provides a teaser for her essay in the "Girl Behind the Fence" book series. You can reach Evfa via email at or via Evfa … Continue reading Indigo Children, Crystals, and Soul with Evfa Cerises

School Violence is a Collective Concern

Check out THIS letter from THE ONE SCHOOL COUNSELOR who took my class and was able to PREVENT a MURDER-SUICIDE in the nick of time...(because she knew what to look for) --