Cosmic Doorbells & the Underworld with Christina Beckley

I interviewed Christina Beckley about her journey into Shamanism, the Underworld, and what it means to be a "Seer". Christina discusses the differences between them all and gives insight into how you can recognize your own "Cosmic Doorbells". You can reach Christina via email --> or via!dbed6d0d60e6feca61d3f7f86b462ade28c92278 Christina is a contributing author for “Girl … Continue reading Cosmic Doorbells & the Underworld with Christina Beckley


Adoption, Intuitive Children & More with Christine Nicole

I interviewed Christine Nicole about growing up as a child medium, the pro's and con's of glamorizing adoption, and much more. Christine also shares her thoughts on parenting intuitive children to...

Clarifying Mediumship with Christine Salter

If you are missing a loved one, feeling stressed about how or why they died (passed away), or need some clarify or guidance, this may help ease some of your stress, anxiety, and concerns. I was recently on Facebook live with Christine, my dear friend & cousin. In case you missed it…

Reunification Therapy: Hope or Hell?

Does Reunification Therapy offer victims hope or does it sentence them to hell-in-the-home?

Raw Truth About Using Insurance for Mental Health Treatment

The SHORT answer is "BECAUSE I CARE". The LONG technical, "let-me-count-the-reasons" answer is below...