I Was Interviewed by a U.S. Congressional Candidate

Victoria Steele, candidate for U.S. Congress, interviews Mozelle Martin. Did you know that nothing uses more brain activity than...


Clutter & Emptiness with Diane Light

I interviewed Diane A. Light about emotional & physical clutter, emptiness, and much more. Diane also shares her thoughts on what the new buzz term "holding space" means to her.

Authentic Unraveling with Gelie Akhenblit

I interviewed Gelie Akhenblit about her journey to becoming a super networking entrepreneurial powerhouse and then unraveling through her raw and tangible authenticity as she transitioned into her new role as a divorced single mom. She shares her insights on exhaustion, spiritual boundaries and much more. Gelie also provides a teaser for her essay in … Continue reading Authentic Unraveling with Gelie Akhenblit

My Interview on “Exploring the Human Journey” Show

In this full episode, I talk with (and analyze the handwriting of) David Marsh of Exploring the Human Journey Show. We talk about all types of things – personal and professional – including repetitive trauma, adoption glamorizing, death & dying, feminine & masculine energy of the world, living in a haunted hotel, photography and more that you will NOT want to miss.

Reiki Geocaching with Laurel Dale

I interviewed Laurel Dale about painting rocks, Reiki infusion, and much more.

Plants Used in Traditional Mexican Medicine

Medicinal plants are still a great source of novel chemical structures with anti-neoplastic potential as it is proven in this work. The selection criteria and activity was narrowed for methodological purposes, nevertheless, drug discovery of natural origin continues to be a highly attractive preventative and treatment strategy.