My Interview on “Exploring the Human Journey” Show

In this full episode, I talk with (and analyze the handwriting of) David Marsh of Exploring the Human Journey Show. We talk about all types of things – personal and professional – including repetitive trauma, adoption glamorizing, death & dying, feminine & masculine energy of the world, living in a haunted hotel, photography and more that you will NOT want to miss.


Blame Science If You Can’t Let Go of Your Ex

Are you struggling to let go of your ex and can't? Well, the science may be to blame. Here is how to...

Out-of-Body for a Real Body Tattoo

Find out the entire story about the out-of-body experience that led to this body art...

Todd Newton interviews Mozelle Martin

Todd Newton interviews Mozelle Martin about forensic handwriting analysis - from dating and gold digging to business skills and much more. Who will Mozelle analyze next? Check out Todd's personality too!

Geocaching Mystery Prize

Starting in January 2018, we are giving away a "monthly mystery prize" to some lucky Geocacher across the world. The prizes vary but range in value up to $ 100.  ENTER NOW!

Choose a Tree Personality Quiz

Fun personality assessment based on the tree you choose. 

30 Second Sociology “E” Test

Fun personality assessment based on the "E" you draw (with your finger) on your forehead. Great for assessing family, friends, and coworkers too.