Perfect Messy Imperfection with Kelly McNelis

I interviewed Kelly McNelis about two of her passionate missions: Woman For One & her book, "Your Messy Brilliance: 7 Tools for the Perfectly Imperfect Woman".


Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, & Emojis with Marty Amos

I interviewed Marty Amos about her journey to wearing three (3) Mental Health Practitioner hats, authenticity, substance abuse, and more including the politics of spirituality in mental health systems. She shares her insights on her work with children, domestic violence, anger management, and much more. Marty talks about her own business in Grand Junction, Colorado, and … Continue reading Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, & Emojis with Marty Amos

My Interview on “Exploring the Human Journey” Show

In this full episode, I talk with (and analyze the handwriting of) David Marsh of Exploring the Human Journey Show. We talk about all types of things – personal and professional – including repetitive trauma, adoption glamorizing, death & dying, feminine & masculine energy of the world, living in a haunted hotel, photography and more that you will NOT want to miss.

School Violence is a Collective Concern

Check out THIS letter from THE ONE SCHOOL COUNSELOR who took my class and was able to PREVENT a MURDER-SUICIDE in the nick of time...(because she knew what to look for) --

150 Secret Ways to Collect Handwriting Samples

You can have anyone's handwriting analyzed without them knowing. Federal law protects you in doing so! However, where do you find a handwriting sample in this day of technology? This PDF contains 150+ ways to collect handwriting without them knowing which makes doing so easier than you think.

Mozelle Martin Interviewed by Dr. Charles Parker of the Core Brain Journal

I was recently interviewed by Dr. Charles Parker of the Core Brain Journal... I think this information may surprise and enlighten you.

Todd Newton interviews Mozelle Martin

Todd Newton interviews Mozelle Martin about forensic handwriting analysis - from dating and gold digging to business skills and much more. Who will Mozelle analyze next? Check out Todd's personality too!