Does Anyone Understand You Fully?

One of the most important ways we understand ourselves is through reflections from others. Seeing how others see us helps refresh our own self-image.

If one or more people in your life view and accept all parts of you, make sure to spend lots of time with them.

Pay special attention to aspects of their reflections that make you uncomfortable – that is usually where your blind spots are.

If you don’t know people who see you fully, make it a priority to seek them out.
The more they help you see, the freer you are to be.

In college, we had to do a project about this very thing. We used  Johari Square. It was VERY enlightening as how people saw me and my own blind-spots. I was shocked to see that I did not have ANY in the “facade”. I mean, growing up with severe trauma I felt like I had to fake my true self growing up just to make it in society. I later worked VERY hard on eliminating any that’s “fake” in my personality and I was so happy to see that I succeeded.

Here is MINE so you can see a near-completed one.

Now…. go GET YOUR OWN…. it’s FREE.