Are You Afraid to Feel?

Ask yourself…

“What emotions am I afraid to feel?”

What is your answer?

When you fear an emotion, you actually avoid the people and situations that tend to bring that emotion about. However, those very same people and situations provide exactly what you need to heal and / or grow. If you are afraid to feel those emotions due to the emotions that those emotions evoke, you will not take any chances at all and instead be paralyzed by your mind.

If you are afraid to feel rejection, you will not fully love.

If you are afraid to feel anger, you will not stand up for yourself.

Think of the people and situations that you typically avoid and ask yourself…

  • “How do they make me feel?”
  • “How do you allow them to make you feel?”

Were your answers to both of these questions the same?

Now how does it make you feel when you remind yourself that nobody can make you feel anything – only you can control your feelings. So by learning to experience these scary emotions skillfully without resistance or reaction, you place yourself in a surefire path to personal and professional fulfillment.

Besides, when you allow someone to make you feel shitty, you are giving them your personal power.

Want to get your personal power back?