Do You Feel the Music?

The human voice is like an orchestraEach sound it makes connects us to a different emotional or sensory state.

Taking our voices beyond their usual range brings new possibilities to each passing moment.

To do so, find a location where no one else can hear youThen start humming, whooping, chirping, and clucking.

Make every sound that comes to mindfrom bass to falsetto, from whisper to shout.

Every time you feel silly, just bow to the sensation and keep goingLet one sound shift into another until you do not know what is coming next, until the sounds are leading you.

DID YOU KNOW that “language” uses more neuro-brain activity than any other activity, “handwriting” uses the second most, and “music” is the third?

DID YOU KNOW that most “New Years Resolutions” are forgotten about within 45 days?

Don’t be a statistic… 

Find out how to HEAL & TRANSFORM by using all three at once.