Impact or Intention: What’s Yours This Year?

Yes, we are all human and, because of that, somewhere in the world it happens every day…. and I know that at least once in your life, it has happened to you too.

The “it” I am referring to is this:

Someone you care about speaks or acts hurtfully toward you and, in a self-protective response, you shut down.

Defending against such an assault, we lose touch with the NOW and any emotions requiring our attention in order to dissipate the hurt.

What to do?

One powerful way to avoid this pattern involves separating the impact of such a wound from the intention of the offender.

Most people who hurt us do NOT actually mean to do so.

Realizing this simple truth allows us to open up just a little bit. The wound may still sting a bit but it lasts less long by using the above tip.

Bonus: this will help you forgive quicker too.

Remember, forgiveness is never for the perceived offender, it is always for you.

Why not start this year with the intention to make an impact on your own life by forgiving someone… including yourself!

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