Are Spiritual Gifts Evil?

I was raised in a very strict German Lutheran church of the Wisconsin Synod of the Zion Evanglicals. As a result of conforming to this organized religion, I was suicidal at age 9 and was the most angry, depressed, and anxious I have been in my entire life.

After revolting from this attempted fear-based mind-control, I became a seeker… I knew there was “more out there” and “more to the story of God”. During my spiritual journey, I realized a lot of things such as…

“God” does provide us with support so we can find the answers and happiness we seek. Most people need or prefer tools to help them find their answers and one of the tools that “God” supplies is opportunities. For example, maybe the opportunity is to attend a psychic fair, or maybe it is seeing a medium for a private reading.

Whatever it is, “God” also gives YOU the power of choice to take advantage of these opportunities, or not. Stepping outside of your comfort zone provides spiritual, personal, and often professional growth.

What if a child never left home after age 18? He’d limit his abilities in the world and stifle his own growth. Quite possibly he may never find out how much TRUE potential and happiness he could have. Growth is a positive experience; without it humans, plants, and animals would remain babies forever.

I remember hearing that “we were made in the likeness of God”. Well, if that is true, how can mediumship and other spiritual gifts and tools be evil? God cannot both be good and evil, can He? He had gifts with which to heal others, and He could predict the future. Therefore, if we are “created in His likeness”, then it is only natural we have these abilities too. This is plain common sense, if you believe what they told us.

YES unethical mediums and card readers exist. However so do unethical dentists, babysitters, plumbers, mechanics, teachers, and PRIESTS! I’d be willing to bet that more malpractice suits have been brought against DOCTORS than any spiritual guru.

What is the difference between religion and spirituality? What is the truth behind what the Bible says about spiritual gifts?

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