Handwriting is Much More Than Just Pen & Paper…

Knowledge and self-awareness are powerhouses of the mind. The more you have, the more you can survive and succeed. Therefore a lack of knowledge can cause lack of personal power. In fact, one of the biggest reasons individuals attend my “Handwriting for Healing” (H4H) forums is because they feel disempowered and are unsure of what to do about it.

The main step to empowering yourself is to identify what disempowers you in the first place. Due to the ego’s involvement this is no easy task! However, within my H4H forums (and private sessions), I can help identify these things so you do not have to.

As an individual with no emotional attachments to your life or outcomes, I am much more objective than you are and, during the H4H process, your subconscious shows me what is going on in your world. More than that, it tells me what your life has been like since birth and how traumatic or otherwise notable people, places, events, and situations have affected your body, mind, and spirit.

During these sessions, you will anonymously write a question or statement and put it into a basket. I then randomly pick samples from the basket and place on a projector. I then read what you wrote and answer according to the information your subconscious gives me. I then offer some graphological suggestions accordingly.

How does it work?

Your brain perceives handwriting as a language which is both written and spoken. However your brain also sees your handwriting as a smorgasbord of symbols that only the physical act of writing can comprehend. Just like exercises for your physical body, making specific graphological changes are exercises for your mind and subconscious.

Let me ask you something: Do you journal?”

You may know that journaling has been around for decades and has been recommended by most therapists around the globe for just as long. However, you may not know that, if you are creating unhealthy letter shapes, there is only so much “therapy” that journaling can do.

Specifically changing your letter shapes, such as those suggested during the H4H process, takes journaling to a whole new level. You see, by making specific graphological changes tailored to your unique situation, you are…​

  • Opening your inner wisdom
  • Cleansing emotional blocks
  • Producing or furthering radical change from the subconscious to the conscious and superconscious
  • Becoming free from confusion and doubt
  • Gaining clarity
  • Discovering one’s passions and purpose
  • Journeying from the old to the new which is has a strong spiritual component

You see, handwriting is much more than pen and paper and more than just writing stuff down. It is a revolution of your soul; an inspiration acquired by releasing doubts and fears so your inner wisdom can shine. Writing with the purpose of enhancing your life in some way is an act of self-love; a safe place to get to know yourself and discover who you really are. Many lose their personal power by purely living in a confusing world that infiltrates their minds with status quo, social expectations, judgments, false beliefs, and more.

The act of handwriting releases the deep answers that you have within your subconscious and allows you to connect and bond with your inner child all the way to your superconscious.

I know you are thinking: With technology, does anyone write anymore? The answer is we never stopped writing, we just write differently. In other words, in years gone by, we wrote phone numbers, drew and wrote out directions, and wrote personal cards and letters. Now we jot down to-do notes, email addresses, and GPS coordinates. Afterall, when you drive by a billboard or a store front you wish to remember at a later date, you likely do not pull over and park on the side of the road, get out your laptop, and email it to yourself.

While we are on the topic of technology, think of your brain as a computer. Your brain is part of your body’s electrical system (Central Nervous System). Like the “bites” in your computer, your brain has 10 billion nerve cells which control the signals sent to the brain which then sends chemicals to your muscles.

When you write, signals are transmitted between your brain and hand through the brain stem, into the spinal column, along the central nervous system and into your muscles. This is what enables you to pick up your pen and write. Therefore, when you make specific and strategic graphological changes, you are sending new signals from the pen back to the brain with new instructions until the changes become habitual.

Therefore, because there is a close connection between what we tell ourselves and how we feel and what we believe our reality to be, it is important to realize that every strategic handwriting change has a core thought message that is integrated into the exercise. These flow from pen to hand to brain and back when then become internalized and integrated into a new belief pattern. In other words, just as taking notes in college helps us remember the information, so does the brain recall handwriting changes in much the same way.

“You mean all I have to do is change my handwriting and my personality will change too?”

To put it more simply, I play piano. I have played piano since I was 4 years old. I did not play for many years and had to reteach myself. As long as I was consciously thinking about where to place each finger on the keyboard while reading the music, I was able to proceed slowly and painfully while making mistakes. However, after repetitious practice, my fingers responded automatically and without conscious awareness. So, once your handwriting changes pass the state of conscious application and imitation, it will become automatic and habitual.

I know, “changing handwriting to effect behavioral changes” sounds too simple to be true theoretically. However, in application it is deeply profound and requires a strong self-commitment.

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UPDATE AS OF 11/10/17: YAY for the State of Illinois. More states REALLY need to follow in their footsteps. READ their reasoning for restarting handwriting in schools. This is a VERY good thing!! Details @ http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41927258#  (thanks for sharing @BBCNews)