Do You Remember How to Skip?

Your body knows how to play even when you don’t. Just a smidgen of your willingness is all it needs to let loose.


Do You Feel the Music?

The human voice is like an orchestra. Each sound it makes connects us to a different emotional or sensory state. Taking our voices beyond...

The Politics, Psychology and Art of Scripts

Please see my post “Handwriting is Much More Than Pen & Paper”, great companion to this piece.

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The history of how scripts and alphabets emerge, evolve and disappear through history, is built on the changing tides of commerce, cultural dominance and religion. Two generations of a people who do not write their language in its original script will render that script endangered, and very nearly dead.


Inspired by (an online encyclopedia of languages and alphabets), Tim Brookes founded the Endangered Alphabets Project in order to support “endangered, minority and indigenous cultures by using their writing systems to create art.” He speaks of writing systems as having three parts, reflecting different aspects of the human mind:

1. the phonetic element of sound

2. the semantic aspect which gives it meaning within a language

3. the graphic ingredient of its curves and lines.

Histories and cultural aesthetics are contained in scripts, and likewise lost when they are. Wars that lead to the conquering of one people by another…

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Baiting & Bashing

Psychopath Resistance

Toxic people regularly engage in this extraordinarily vile behavior. They get away with it because they are deviously skilled at misleading others and obscuring what is actually going on. Watch out for staging and framing—or B&B!


See also: Denial and DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim/Offender)

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Expectations: Yay or Nay?

Can we really go through life without expectations? Are we running aimlessly without expectations? Do expectations help us "keep it real"?

Not Enough Clients? Blame the 20-Year-Old…

What were you like in your 20's? If you were like most people...

Impact or Intention: What’s Yours This Year?

Yes, we are all human and, because of that, somewhere in the world it happens every day…. and I know that at least once in your life, it has happened to you too. The “it” I am referring to is this...